Tattoos – A Modern Day Performer


When David Beckham, Sachin Tendulkar or Tiger woods enter their Arena, they are greeted by their fans, who generally decorate themselves with paintings on the face, head or shoulders, which can be seen by the whole world in the media.

More ardent fans identify themselves with their Heroes with almost semi or permanent body marks or designs based on their regions culture or Background.

These marks or paintings perform more dominantly than their Heroes of the Day!

These performers are the Tattoos that have been the most widely exhibited forms of expressions since the beginning of mankind. The working or labor class people followed tattoos, for a long time throughout the Globe, a major form of expression of their emotions, loyalty or identity etc.,

It is not the fans alone, who flaunt tattoos so prominently. For instance, in 2004 Louis Malloy flew from UK, to give David Beckham a new winged Cross Tattoo on the back of his neck – right in the midst of a soccer Game.

Not just sportsmen – Angelina Jolie is probably the most tattooed Academy Award winning Actress to date. She has a Tribal – Dragon tattoo, a Thai Tiger and various Latin sayings across her shoulders.

Such is the influence of Tattoos in modern days. They are being flaunted not only by celebrities but also by their fans.

Today, middle and upper class people along with their thirst for custom Jewelry, Fashion Boutiques, high-end Antique shop, also throng the Tattoo shops in every Area of the world.

Even films are portraying Tattoos in their films. Films like MYSTIC RIVER and BARBWIRE, exhibited tattoos in them. It is estimated that 35% of the RICH and FAMOUS in various fields have been sporting tattoos. It has had a major impact on tattoo business. Thy have created a new market for high-end custom tattoo art studios geared to an affluent and demanding clientele that only patronizes vendors who provide high standards of service in clean, respectable surroundings.

The more established and popular tattoos can be classified mainly as Angel tattoos, Butterfly tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Cross tattoos, Dragon tattoos, Fairy tattoos, Flower tattoos, Henna tattoos, Lower Back tattoos and Tribal tattoos. The tattoo related arts are studied and celebrated by leading museums, galleries and art institutions across the globe. Millions of tattoo designs are available across the world in various forms like CDs, Internet and Albums.

Most tattoo enthusiasts refer to tattoos as art and to Tattooists as artists. This usage is rapidly gaining support, with mainstream art galleries holding exhibitions of tattoo designs and photographs of tattoos.

Tattoo designs are mass produced and sold to tattoo artists and such studios are called Flash. “Tattoo Flash” is also the name of an American tattoo magazine.


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