Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: The Best Spices to Use in Baking

[ad_1] All-natural baking spices are a better choice to use in making scrumptious desserts compared to commercial sweeteners. Aside from the unique flavor they add to sweet treats, they also benefit the body with the essential vitamins and minerals they contain. So if you love to bake, here are the Continue Reading

Beware of Breakfast? Don’t Let Sugar Sabotage Your Day

[ad_1] Everyone is quick to tell you that “Eating Breakfast Every Day” is a very healthy move. People who don’t eat breakfast are said to have a harder time concentrating, not to mention a harder time not over eating at lunch time. Both of these aspects are beneficial to a Continue Reading

How to Make Easy and Delicious Sugar Cookies | Test Kitchen Secrets | GH

This is the year you learn how to bake the PERFECT sugar cookies. (You’re welcome.) Love these tips? Look out for a new episode of Test Kitchen Secrets every Saturday at noon! SUBSCRIBE to Good Housekeeping:

Type 2 Diabetes – The Effect of the Medicinal Herb Sumac on Blood Sugar Levels

[ad_1] Sumac is used as a medicinal herb in traditional medicine. Investigators at Iran University of Medical Science in Tehran and several other research centers in Iran and the United states, studied the effects of this medicinal herb on Type 2 diabetes. Their study, reported on in the Iran Journal Continue Reading

Type 2 Diabetes – Maintain Stable Blood Sugar With These Thai Food Classics

[ad_1] Thai food is one of the fastest growing cuisines in the West. And with dishes more flavorful and rich than most other countries can offer, it’s no wonder more and more Type 2 diabetics are turning to Thai food to eat healthy without needing to choke down bland salads Continue Reading

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