The Art of Making Fondant Icing Recipes

[ad_1] Many households are fond of making their own fondant icing recipe. Formerly, this luscious culinary recipe was only done by cake decorator experts but because of the increasing popularity of fondant recipes these days you can now practice it at home. To master the art of making fondant icing Continue Reading

Tiramisu: Don’t Be Mistaken, It’s Not Japanese

[ad_1] Commonly mistaken by people as a Japanese dish because of the sound of its name, Tiramisu is, as a matter of fact, a popular Italian dessert. It is made of alternating layers of savoiardi (ladyfingers in the US) biscuits dipped in coffee and whipped mixture of mascarpone (Italian triple Continue Reading

Quick and Easy Southern Pecan Bars

[ad_1] Winter time is the perfect time to try new recipes. Besides the traditional cakes and pies during the holidays, pecan bars are a wonderful change and very easy to make for the entire family. This is also a good recipe to let the kids try out on the weekend. Continue Reading

How To Select Healthy Desserts

[ad_1] Do you think that there is no such thing as healthy desserts? Well, this article is to inform you that there are various desserts that could be both delicious and healthy at the same time. Eating a healthy diet could become a major problem especially for those who have Continue Reading

A New Look at an Old Pound Cake Recipe, the Pros and Cons

[ad_1] Making changes to cake recipes is tricky. One never knows how the result will actually come out. Will it be too dry? Will the oven time need changes? How much beating is enough? The pound cake recipe my sister sent me all those years ago called for baking in Continue Reading

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice: The Best Spices to Use in Baking

[ad_1] All-natural baking spices are a better choice to use in making scrumptious desserts compared to commercial sweeteners. Aside from the unique flavor they add to sweet treats, they also benefit the body with the essential vitamins and minerals they contain. So if you love to bake, here are the Continue Reading

8 Easy Dessert Decoration Tips

[ad_1] Whatever the occasion, birthday party, wedding reception, get-together or baby’s baptism – the dessert is often the star of the party. A delicious dessert makes a perfect end to any celebration. Presentation is just as important as taste. Here are some simple tips on how you decorate your favorite Continue Reading

Easy Fruit Salad Recipes Perfect For Your Next Picnic

[ad_1] When one mentions the word “salad”, what immediately comes to mind are leafy greens and other vegetables – definitely not dessert! But don’t forget that there is a dessert version – salads using fruits! It’s a refreshing sweet treat that’s not only good for your taste buds but for Continue Reading

Five Great Guatemalan Desserts

[ad_1] Every country has its own sweets and desserts. Sometimes they are known mainly only in their country of origin, and sometimes they become quite popular through exposure in ethnic restaurants. Some Guatemalan desserts are similar in nature to ones in other countries, as with their Borracho cake. Many cultures Continue Reading

Soul Food Seasonings Dictionary

[ad_1] What gives food it’s soul? Many opinions have been noted over the years. Some say it’s the food, others say it’s the cooking techniques, still others say it’s the history behind the food. But everyone agrees, what really gives soul food its soul is the seasonings. Learning how and Continue Reading

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